Thursday, March 26, 2015

Water marbling made easy! SAY WHAAAT?

Do you love the look of water marbled but hate the mess and hassle of doing them? Or maybe you ALWAYS end up with globs of polish that never dries, ruining the perfect water marbled design when you dip in your finger, or you get those pesky water bubbles in the ONLY nail that actually turned out right?! 

Yeah, I've been there. All of it. And you're going to want to continue reading this post if you have too! I can't actually take full credit for the idea. I don't think many other people do it yet, but I seen a video on instagram (I can't remember who is was, sorry!) and thought it looked interesting so I just HAD to try it! And there is also this post here from Oooh Shinies. but other than those two things, I have never ever seen this technique before. And I definitely tihnk more people should know about it!! I know I for one... will be doing SO MANY more watermarbles now! I love them and hate doing them. This makes them much easier to do! Click the read more jump to see more!! 

Thumb nail on my right hand. Please excuse the slight mess. Doing clean up with my left hand sucks, not to mention the staining powers of blue and orange.. 
It still got bubbles in it, but those aren't water bubbles from the process, it's top coat bubbles from my top coat, it needs more thinner and hates me, lol. 

First... I posted this video on Instagram and the facebookpage.. Which generated some interest, and of course questions of, does it really work? So I thought I'd put this together to let you all know that YES. it works and it's AMAZING! Everyone should now RUN to do some water marbles. 

Aaand another quick video of taking the decals out of the water. Proof that YES they do come out fairly easily. They're are VERY THIN thouhg so be EXTRA careful in order to be sure they don't tear. Because they can and WILL tear if you'r not careful. 

 Aaaand this was the end result of the mani I had planned with the decals! I looooove it! And clean up was so much easier! 

Though.. I used blue.. a pretty highly pigmented one at that, and you can see a little blue staining on a couple fingers here. It's still a little messy, and requires a bit of clean up, but nothing like if you'd dipped your finger into polish filled water! 

You'll also have to excuse the bubbles. Those are from my top coat, not the water marble. I also need a tiny bit more practice with decals.. cutting them to the right size and shape, placement, the best was to stick them on, (if it better to have slightly tacky polish or to use a fresh coat of clear under it to stick them? They wrinkle on my if they don't stick and 'melt' into the base polish layer well enough?) etc, etc. But someone that plays with decals like this a lot would probably do much better than I did! (And I honestly don't think I did too abd on them.) 

The polishes I used are all Wet N Wild, Chambray Showers (blue), Ferris-Wheel Romance (pink), And Sunny Side Up for the water marble, and for the accent nails I used the first two mentioned, and did dots of the opposite one. (Hopefully that made sense?) The blue and pink were also Limited Edition colors so if you don't already own them, I don't know where/when/if you'll be able to get them again! I think they were out last spring or maybe summer? But I'm sure you could find similar colors or just do your own color scheme entirely! 
close up of marbled nails. soooo amazing. 

Marbled nails on the right hand. 
To be quite honest, I included this one because I liked the design I ended up with on these nails better than the ones on my left hand. lol, I obviously should have picked better when deciding which decals to use on what nail. I was really happy with this Mani overall though! 

Thank for reading! Let me know what you thought in the comments below! And feel free to share if you try this tecknique or drop a comment if you have any questions!! 


  1. I have been doing my water marbles like this all year. It is SO much easier than dipping fingers in a glass. :D
    And you get way more control over how each nail looks like.

  2. Rambles Of A Polish AddictMarch 26, 2015 at 11:21 AM

    YES! And the best part is if it's done just right and depending on size of your nails, you might be abled to get two or more nail out of each decal! I only got one cause I suck at making the whole design look good, lol.

  3. I usually get one complete manicure out of the decals, but I am sure if one is super good at this, one could get more...
    But I know my limits. hehe. That ain't gonna happen here.

  4. Rambles Of A Polish AddictMarch 26, 2015 at 11:52 AM

    haha same here! Only one nail per decal, but yeah, those better at marbling and even decaling could get more! Maybe one day we can be that good :D

  5. Your water marble looks so nice! I need to give this technique a try.

  6. Rambles Of A Polish AddictMarch 26, 2015 at 4:54 PM

    Thanks!! I'd def recommend giving it a try, especially if it normally gives you problems!

  7. I remember when you posted about this on your facebook page! I can not wait to try this out! Honestly I probably will mess it up when taking the decal out of the water, I'm just clumsy like that!

  8. Rambles Of A Polish AddictMarch 27, 2015 at 12:01 PM

    haha I'm honestly suprised I didn't mess up at least one of mine. They tore in a few places but that was usually while trying to use them later and thankfully, not where I was using it. Practice helps a lot though! And I'd love to see it when/if you try it!


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