Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Textured polish Swatches and review

Hello, Everyone!
Today I have some Sally Hansen textured polishes to share with you all. I'm going to split this into two and I'm only including the sugar coats in this post, but look for the fuzzy coats soon too! 

First off, let me say, while I'm really excited about the fuzzy coats, mostly because it's just glitter that gives the ~look of a texture, rather than an actual texture, the other ones, I wasn't excited about at all when I got them I'm not a fan of the new textured polish craze, I think it just looks like you got something stuck on your nail and applied the polish over it, or couldn't smoothly and correctly apply your polish. Not. A. Good. Look. At. All. I hate it. The two sugar coats though, I DO like the color of and may try wearing again with top coat to smooth out the texture. Applying these was SO WEIRD too, as I brushed it onto the nail, it literally looked like someone had taken a bottle of polish and filled it with sugar. So the name 'sugar coats' is definitely accurate there! 

First up we have Royal Icing and as far as I can tell, this one is either VERY hard to find, or not out yet because I can't find anything about it. I started with this one though, and on the first stripe of the brush, I HATED it. It started to dry and become textured instantly which made it very hard to apply to the rest of the nail and get it nice and even. And like I mentioned above, it wasn't like normal smooth polish and just dry textured, it looks like some poured sugar in a bottle of nail polish. This color itself is also very sheer. It reminds me of sinful colors cinderella but it's a tad be darker blue. It has the same pink micro glass fleck type glitters in it though. It was so sheer that this is three coats, and the yellow stains on the tips of my nails made the polish over it look green. I think with this one I would suggest using a similar color under it. I also just really didn't like the way this one applied, it ended up looking more messy than most other textured polishes I've seen because of the way it started to dry so quick and would just kind of end up being pulled around by the brush as I tried to paint the rest of the nail. Although the texture on it wasn't as bothersome as I thought it would be. My nails not being smooth bugs me. The texture is close to the same as the texture on the bottles though, if you run you're finger over where it says sugar coat, there's a texture, and it makes your nails feel about the same as that. I personally wouldn't buy this one if I seen it. But if you like the color and the textured polish look go for it! Like I said, I would just recommend adding undies under it, it's very sheer.

next up we have spare-a-mint? and I also can't find anything online about this particular color, so again, this is either a VERY hard to find color, or it hasn't actually been released yet. And while this is still not my favorite, I will never ever be into the textured polishes, this one did apply much easier and smoother (as smooth as can be I guess with textured polishes at least) and I love the color of this one. It's a sorta dark, turquoise color, leaning a little on the blue side, just a tad though. The brushes on these by the way, is amazing. It's semi-flat and kinda wide so it's easy to cover your nail with. But most sally hansen brushes are this same way and it's one of the things I love about their polishes. BUT back to the polish at hand, this is two coats of this colors, and as you can see, the texture worked MUCH better on this one, along with coverage, it's just a cream color, and almost opaque in just one coat, I prefer thinner coats so I did two. This texture felt a tad more rough than the first one but not too much more, it actually doesn't feel too horrible bad for how it looks. It looks like it would be crazy sandy feeling, but it's not, it's rough and not smooth like normal polish, but not as bad as I expected.

And that's all I have for this post! Hope you enjoyed it. what did you think of these polishes? Will you be buying any of them? Let me know in the comments!

**these items were sent to me by sally hansen for my honest review.**


  1. Oooh! Spare-A-Mint looks a lot like razzleberry! I love the color, but I'm with ya on the textured craze. I hate my nails not being smooth!

  2. The color I love, but yeah, I'll be happy when the texxtured thing is over with.

    They def didn't feel as horrible as I was expecting on the nail, but I still prefer it smooth and it being textured makes it look messily applied.

  3. Are you willing to sell Royal Icing? I'd happily take it off your hands!

  4. Why wasn't I told this comment existed? lol. But that one's a pretty color too. I'd top coat it though, not a fan of the texture.

  5. At the moment, I don't think so. I really like the color of it so think I want to give it another try with top coat to smooth it out and undies before I completely forget about it :) If I still don't like it after that though, I'll def consider it!

  6. Heather LundquistJune 1, 2013 at 5:31 PM

    I'm not too coating lol it smooths it out! Learned that the hard way lol if you wanna get rid if the teal or creme colored one I'll take 'em!

  7. lol i was just saying that I would personally top coat them because I would prefer them to be smooth over the textured messy look :) and I'm not interested in getting rid of them just yet as I like the colors of them so I'm trying to give them a chance to grow on me or wear them smoothed out with top coat and see what happens.

  8. Heather LundquistJune 1, 2013 at 6:12 PM

    No prob!! I did sugar coat tips on plum colored shimmer base! I'd love to show u a pic!

  9. I'd love to see them!

  10. I'm dying to try the Sugar Coats!! I just can't do any shopping yet :(

    1. walgreens had them today when I was there, so whenever you get to try them you might look!


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