Friday, September 7, 2012

The Friday collective 9/7/12

just seen this idea on pish posh & polish the actual post being here, and i loved the idea, the idea of putting together a quick post each week to let the readers get to know you a little bit better is an awesome idea! so i decided to try it out, and see what happens. Not much happens around here though, so I may not make one of these posts every week, and I'll definitely not be making one next friday as, as far as i know, i'll be busy, but here goes it! 

This is just suppose to be a little post to show how my week went, pictures from instagram, songs i've been listening to, pictures i have stashed of my sims and nail art that i've yet to post, etc etc, i think you might get the point. 

last sunday we ended up with free tickets to ripley's believe it or not and well.. i forgot i had the flash on my camera dimmed until we got home so all the pictures are dark like this. but that would be me and Ben Stiller in night at the museum. The place could have been much better, but it was a fun little adventure out of the house. 
me right before leaving the house for Ripley's 

My foofy-foo being a lazy lazy bun a few nights ago. isn't she so so cute?

And this is the fooster's litter box just a little bit ago as I walked into the bathroom, I've been dealing with this all week, she thinks they're to dig in, and not to potty in, she needs to stop that. sigh.

also? those instagram pictures are taken with my ipod, because thats what i have, and it doesn't take the best pictures. But I don't have a phone or anything like that, and probably wouldn't have one, so this is what happens, until they make better cameras on ipods and i get enough money to get it at least i guess haha.

and this would be a song i've been listening to a lot this week. or well, i've been listening to this whole album non-stop since it came out in may. I love it. I love adam. And this is his newest radio single by the way, so all of you should make a quick request to you're local pop radio stations and help him out. :)

I think that'll be all, like i said, this probably won't happen every week, but I'll def throw one up every so often to let every one know what i'm up to and get to know me better! unless of course none of you like it and tell me not too, then, i won't. 

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