Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nail art contest - march.

Hi guys! This is the best I could do for a banner type thing for this! I didn't want a huge wall of text in the post without some of picture. For this, we're doing a march test run. If this doesn't get many entries or much interest at all, I won't bother to do it again. And if it DOES then there will me one for every month after this as long as there is interest in it. So really this is all up to you guys whether it works are not! And feedback is much much appreciated if you guys could let me know if there's anything you'd like to have changed or added, or anything like that! Also, the more you guys share this out and get the word out about my page/blog and nail art contest, the more of a success it will be. The blog doesn't just generate readers all on it's own!

But this is something new I want to try over at the facebook page and here. I wanted to do something to get everyone more involved and interacting on the page. It drives me crazy knowing there's almost 50 blog followers here and 200+ likes on the facebook page and not one of you comments very often. I like interaction! You guys would be more active on the page and blog! Comments! Seriously, I love them! 

I can't really offer anything of a prize or a giveaway or anything like that. If I get a couple bottles of polish for myself right now, I'm lucky. And shipping prizes just would probably never happen, as that would take more money even. SO, I was thinking what could I do to offer something to everyone reading? and I thought maybe a nail art contest? Where the "Prize" would be to have you're blog (or pinterest, instagram, facebook page, mani, etc. if you're not a blogger. I want to include everyone.) features on the side bar of mine for the month and we could do them each month so that everyone gets their chance to be featured. It's not much of a prize, but it's all I've got. And while it won't get much as I don't have a ton of readers yet, it would give a tiny bit more exposure to your blog (or pinterest, instagram, etc.). 

My next question was, should there be themes? to which I took to the face book page with my ideas and asked everyone there and the feedback was that YES there should be themes. But then the question was what theme? so I took to face book with another question and held a poll with options. The results were that none of you seem to like bunnies (sad face from me) Or general color theme free for alls. At least, that's what I got from the poll.

This months theme is:
Easter And/Or St. Patricks day
you can incorporate both themes into your mani somehow, or just choose one or the other to do. Either way, have fun with it!

RULES: (because there always has to be rules, right?) 

- MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK. this is probably the most important of the rules. Don't submit someone elses work to me, claiming it as your own, because that is just not cool. at. all.
- You can use anything at all to make your nail art. Like to work with acrylic paints? No problem! Nail polish only? No problem! Want to add some rhinestones and gems to your work? Feel free! feel free to use stamps in your work too, if that's your thing. I prefer freehand work myself, but that's just me! 
- Entries must be in by March 31st, 2013 any later than that and you should save it for aprils. You have all month to work on it, it shouldn't be a problem. 
- You can enter the contest with something new you've created just for the contest, which is actually preferable but not going to take any points away from you if you don't. OR you can submit work you've already done, as long as it's no older than 6 weeks and it must fit the theme for the month. 
- to enter, just add a link to your nail art in the inlinks below (From instagram, facebook, pinterest, your blog post, etc. however you prefer to post, just leave the link) Which are all text links because I'm poor and can't pay for inlinks accounts  for thumbnail links. I don't mind click the link to see that work though. 

I think that's all! Hope you guys enjoy this and have fun!

Add your links here to enter!


  1. I'm excited to try this out!! :D

    1. Yay! Me too! Hoping it works out and there's enough interest in it :)

  2. Woot! Means I have to get some greens! (:

    1. a couple are my favorite greens are sinful colors happy ending, and sally hansen xtreme wear green with envy, if you need suggestions or ideas on greens :) but yayy!

  3. I entered! I've had so many people tell me my jelly sandwich looked like easter eggs or bird eggs, so I might as well :) I don't live in the US so I can't enter the giveaway, but that's okay :)

    1. Awesome! Sorry about that with the giveaway, I'd like to include everyone, the giftcards just won't work elsewhere :)

      And those are cute! And def do look a bit like a speckled bird egg, haha.


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