Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Water marble Wednesday Fourth of July edition!

Water marble Wednesday again, already?! Today is a bit special for my water marble though as I've included the fourth of July in with it. I know it's not til tomorrow, but my Disney challenge posts then, so you get Fourth of July a day early. 

Something else they tie into also, is my Uncle passed away over the last weekend, and his birthday would have also been on the fourth so it kind of works for both occasions.
For the water marble I used a base of Milani's Pearl Glaze and I used Sinful Colors Endless Blue and LA Colors Festive for the actual marble. I used those same red and blue colors on all the other nails to make a gradient as well. Then I found a star on one of my stamping plates and used Sinful Colors Snow Me White to stamp over the gradients. But just saying, I really, really really suck at stamping. It never works out well. But ah well.
My thumb is the one that stamped the best but it still isn't really good at all and not even close to being center. 

What did you think of these? Let me know in the comments below! 


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