Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween week!

well.. I was actually planning on doing that whole halloween nail art challenge, and well... as you see, I did the first one and gave up. I had been hoping to get things to try something new for the second challenge of it, as I HATE doing watermarble, it's so messy and all of that, and it never turns out the way I hope, so I just avoid it. This is actually what i was going to do for it instead.. and then that didn't turn out quite right either, aarg, so then i just said forget he challenge, and well, thought i'd try this instead. I'll try to have a different look up each day until halloween, that'll be a little more than a week, and i'm not actually promising there will be one every day, but i'm gonna try! anyways.. my watermarble substitute that wasn't much of a substitute at all..

I tried saran wrap nails instead of water marble. less messy but i need some practice. I kinda liked how they turned out.  

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