Friday, December 21, 2012


Hi Everyone!

First of all I wanted to say thank you to Katherine from Nail Art and Sims for letting me do a Christmas Guest Post for her blog. First of all I want to introduce me; my name is Helena from the Nail Art Blog “Nail Wish”. I’ve been painting my nails since I stopped biting my nails, like 4 years ago… Then I fell in love with the Nail Art World and my obsession with nail polish started. I am the proud owner of ore that 200 polish bottles!!

I am already doing two Christmas Challenges (if you want to have a look just check here on my blog) and I wanted to do for Katherine, something that I haven’t done yet, and I ended up with this.

I am sure you all know what has been my inspiration, but I’m going to tell you anyway… Christmas Swirl Candy!!! I started with two coats of this amazing polish that is China Glaze Ruby Pumps (Red jelly base with lots of super sparkly red glitter), and then I freehanded the swirls in white with Acrilyc Paint and a Nail Art Brush.

For this guest post I wanted to do something special and Christmassy. In the beginning I was going to do something more special for her and her blog, but then I caught a cold and now I am not feeling very well… So I did something easier and then, when I get better I will give her the other special Christmas manicure ;)

I hope you all liked it and thank you for reading!! 

And of course Thank You again Kathering for giving me this oportunity, you are an amazing artist and I love your Sim’s Stories!!

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  1. OMG these are beautiful ^^ Great job fellow guest poster!


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