Wednesday, February 20, 2013

flip flop february day 20: flowers/V gap

for today the theme is flowers or V-gaps. And I chose flowers, because it's something I definitely need to work on. I suck at doing flower AT ALL. I can't even draw them on paper and have it look anything close to a flower, so seriously, it needs a. lot. of. work. but lets see the nails, click the link below.

 for this look I started out painting all of my nails two coats of la colors palm tree a very pretty type color, and it's definitely a cream, no hints of shimmer or anything at all.
I think used a pink acrylic paint and made little blobs in irregular shapes and sizes, and then swirled in a lighter pink to give it a rose type look (tried to anyways, the swirling of the colors wasn't working as planned) 
this definitely isn't my most favorite look i've ever done, the little pink blobs don't quite look like they're suppose to if you ask me. But it's not my most horrible look ever, either. It definitely could have been worse. So i'm not too upset about it. 

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