Thursday, March 14, 2013


I just thought that with the news of google reader shutting down, and that we will no longer be able to follow blog via blogger/google followers, I would let all of you the follow me and want to continue to do so, know you can follow me on bloglovin' I'll leave the widget in this post and also post it on the sidebar to replace the google followers widget.

I really hope to see you all continue to follow my blog through bloglovin' None of the posts or anything like that will be any different. 

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. oh no!!! Thanks for letting me know!!! This is so annoying though because I only like following people through google friend connect. GAH!!! I will definitely follow you via bloglovin'.
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Google friend connect isn't closing - thats part of the blogger package, not Google Reader :) so you'll still be able to read blogs on your blogger dashboard.

    1. From what I've seen, Reader is what powers GFC, so with reader going away, GFC will too, if not at the same time, soon enough. I could be wrong though. But just to be safe, I set up bloglovin for the blog anyways and we'll see what happens and changes when reader goes away :)

    2. Been looking in to this because everyone seems to be flapping a little - the official word from the Blogger Google Group is...

      "The reading list on your dashboard is based on the feed of the blogs you are reading and their feeds are not going away. If you have items in your reading list on the dashboard that are only there because you added them through GReader and they are not Blogger blogs, they might be removed from the list when GReader goes away but any Blogger blog that is on your Reading List because you used the "following" gadget on another blog to start following it, should remain intact."

      I'm assuming they're just keeping it on as a back end system to power the Blogger features that might need it.

    3. eh, I think I'll just keep bloglovin' to be safe, and it gives others a choice which to use anyways since some like bloglovin' better anyways.


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