Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Peace and Love nail art

This is something I did before we had our last girls night a couple weeks ago, I just wanted something really fun and girly to go along with the night and came up with this. Plus I just really wanted to use these colors together. And then these didn't even make it to the girls night cause I seen something else I wanted to try. (see the last post, haha.)

I did two coats of wet n wild tickled pink on all of my nails except the ring finger, for that i used la colors meadow and the rest is acrylic paints. they were really cute, and super girly, but.. I got bored fast and wanted something else so, off they went.


  1. The hearts are just too cute and I'm really liking the colors combo on this~

    1. funny thing is, i didn't like the hearts on this hand. I'm right handed - yet somehow liked the hearts on my right hand that i drew with my left hand better. haha no idea how that happened!

      But thank you!


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