Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Swatch post: Wet n wild and La colors polishes

Today I have a few swatches for you of some polishes I have. A couple LA Colors, and a wet n wild. So lets get right to the swatches! See more about these colors after the link below. 

LA Colors - Bloom
 First up we have LA Colors - Bloom - A very bright neon like peachy colors. It actually has a tiny bit more of an orange/peachy tone to it than it looks, it just wasn't quite photographing right, a common problem with my camera. This is just two coats of the color, it has an awesome easy to cover formula on it, and dries quickly! I love these polishes.

LA Colors - Daisy
 Next up with have another LA Colors polish, this time Daisy - a very pretty pastel yellow.. Actually, I'm not even sure I would call it a pastel, it's def not just a standard yellow, and it's got a pastel tone to it, but to me, it's much brighter than I would expect from a pastel.. then I don't have many other pastel colors. It looks much brighter on the nail, and more pastel in the bottle, lets put it that way. Again, love these polishes. This colors takes three coats as the first two are very streaky, but it does work itself out with a third coat, just let it dry well in between coats, it helps. Even with three coats though, this still dries amazingly fast! Love it! 

Wet n Wild - Sunny side up
 Last up we have wet n wild sunny side up from their wild shine line, you can find these for just 99 cents, definitely can't beat that. This is a very pretty, kind of red based orange color. If you can't tell, It's one of my favorites, as this bottle is almost empty, and that doesn't happen often with anything other than top/base coats. The formula on this is pretty decent, but like daisy up above, it can take up to three coats and can be streaky if you don't have an extra light and steady hand. This is three coats of color on my nails.

Love all of these polishes. What are your thoughts on these? Whats your favorite cheap brand? 


  1. love the wet and wild sunny side up, its my favourite of the three, but i'm also quite drawn to bloom! I'm not a massive fan of yellow because of the number of coats - I will look forever for a 1-2 coater yellow!

    1. haha a 2 coater on the yellow would be amazing, but even at 3 coats, it's pretty awesome. And I have colors that are the just the same or worse when it comes to numbr of coats, haha. :)


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