Friday, April 5, 2013

Extra relaxed 31 day challenge day 6: violet nails

Already to day (Week?) 6 of the extra laid back 31 day challenge. Today's prompt is violet nails, so I picked out my favorite purple polish I own (Which isn't a lot by the way,) and got to work.

These are the nails I came up with for today. Keep reading to find out more.

For these I started out with two coats of la colors bliss and once that was completely dry, I used striping tape and taped off all of my nails before topping it off with sinful colors let me go and I really love how they came out.
Would you guess by just looking at these that it was my first time ever trying quilted nails? I wouldn't. And I was so surprised they came out so well! Nearly perfect! I was afraid they'd end up looking lopsided and uneven but they didn't. So proud of myself for these. Now I want to make my nails quilted all the time.
What do you think of this look? What do you think of the colors? Do you like the quilted nail trend?

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