Sunday, April 7, 2013

Creations by Lynda review and swatches

 So today I have another new indie brand to review for you. Creations by Lynda. She sent me her entire first collection in mini form, plus sunrise from a trio set she has out. They're all really pretty colors, and applied well, dried super fast, but lets get on with the swatches and I'll leave links at the end for you to check out her page and shop. 

 First up is Crimson Wolf
Crimson Wolf is a shimmery frosty shimmer type red. Actually, it looks almost a true red in the bottle, but once on the nails and dry it looks like it has a hint of brown to it to me in real life, so it's got more of a maroon/burgundy type tone to it while being close to red. It has has little square glitters in it that appear to be holo, but I'm not entirely sure. This applied easily with just two coats and dried super quick. I'm not too sure how much I like this one, it's pretty, but the color completely covers the glitter most of the type and it kinda just ends up with an odd texture. As you can see in the picture's though, the glitter does shine through at least a little bit. I do like the color though, though not on me, reds hate me, haha. 

 Next up is, Wicked Enchantment
Wicked Enchantment is a very pretty purple. I think this might be my favorite of the bunch! Is has little silver holo star glitters in it and it applied easily. It was a little hard to get the stars out, had to fish around to get them on the brush and dab to get them to stay in place but otherwise, this applied perfectly! The biggest problem I had was after the polish started to dry, most of the stars started to pull away from the nail a bit so they weren't sticking and could easily get caught on something while using your hands. This though, could probably be fixed with a top coat to smooth it all out and seal them in, I just didn't use one for the swatches. I love the look of shaped glitters though and this is probably my favorite color of the bunch. 

 Next is Snow day
Snow day is a perfect frosty white, almost a hint of silver to it, with little blue square glitters. The name fits it so well. I have to be honest, this wasn't my favorite color, It's not something I would normally pick up myself. But that doesn't take away from the quality of the polish itself. It applied easily, there was no dabbing to get the glitter spread out nice and even, it just went on like any other polish. I think the glitters in this one work best - they shower through more than the others up above. It definitely looks like snow covered ground. This is two easy thin coats. 

 Next is Golden Spindle, another of my favorites
Golden Spindle is a golden yellow shimmery frosty polish with dark green flake glitters. It was kinda hard to get the flakes to go on the nail and stay, had to dab a little and be careful not to drag them off with the brush once they were finally on the nail, but other than that, it was awesome application. I think this one might have been the easiest to get opaque even. That's just two very thin coats of color with a little dabbing in spots to get the flakes on the nail. I really love the color of this one and the green flakes make it a little different than just your average gold polish. 

 Swan Song is next on the list
Swan Song Is a light pink frosty shimmery base like all the others with what appear to be little dark purple round glitters. I could be wrong on the color of them though. Again, this is one I wouldn't normally reach for if I seen it in the store. If it was a more cream-jelly sort of base instead of the frosty-shimmer it is, I would probably be all over it, though. It's very pretty as is, just not my normal choice when I'm looking for polishes. This again, applied like a dream, I had no problem with getting the glitters on the nail, it spread on even all on it's own with no dabbing. These polishes are pretty awesome quality all in all. 

Charming one is next in line, and the last of the fairy tale collection. I meant to have a second picture of this one like the others, but apparently, my camera decided to blur every other picture I tool of it, so we only get one. Charming one is a light minty green base with a shimmery frost type finish again and it has blue hex glitters, some larger gold hexes, and some smaller silver round and square glitters. I love the color itself, and all the glitters in it. But again, I would be all over this if I seen anything like it with a creamy-jelly type base. That still doesn't take away from the polish itself though. It applied easily and there was no dabbing to get the glitters on the nail, they just went right on. I think I would have prefered if there has been more of the blue glitters on the nail though, but ah well. 

 Last we have sunrise  from the trio, but it's definitely not least.
Sunrise is probably my favorite that I received from Lynda. The shimmery finish of it works with this color amazingly. It's a rosey pink polish base with lots of little mirco holo glitters throughout it. It's so pretty. I love the color of it, I don't think I have anything like it on my self at all. But I also love anything pink. But I also love all the sparkles in it. The holo glitters just add an extra sparkle to it in lower lights which is AMAZING, but in the right light you can see all of the holo-y goodness to it. It's like mixing china glazes fairy dust with a colored base. I love it. This is again two perfect thin coats. 

You can find Lyndas facebook page here
And the Creations by Lynda website is here

Be sure to check out her site and shop if any of the polishes above have gotten your attention! 

What do you think of these? Are they something you would buy? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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