Saturday, May 18, 2013

Creations by Lynda Polish Review

Today I have another creations by Lynda review for you! I got my package yesterday, and Lynda sent be Laurens Garden, and Solstice Party to review for her. (Along with some cuticle oil but that's getting it's own post in a week or two after I've used it a little bit and I can give a real review) 

So, let's get started and see some swatches! 

Lauren's Garden bottle shot

inside light
We have Lauren's Garden up first. I loove the color on this. It's a light pink shimmer with red glitter and black shard glitter. It's quite sheer, but this is just two coats. It might have shown a bit brighter with a third coat, but I didn't try it. It's a very pretty pink though, I love the color of it. I love the look of the red glitter and the black shards in it as well. The shards were a bit harder to get on the nail though, the red glitter spread easily as the polish applied, the shards took a little bit of dabbing to get them in place. This is two coats with no top coat. It's definitely a favorite of the polishes I've reviewed for her. 

Just for fun, I put a coat of solstice party of lauren's garden before I took it off. I kinda like the look it gave it, but it might be too busy for most people, haha. 

Solstice Party bottle shot. look how pretty it looks!

inside light
Next up we have solstice party from Lyndas summer neon collection that just released yesterday. Solstice party is a neon glitter topper with pink, blue, and yellow, neon micro glitters. And I LOVE IT SO MUCH. so. bright. I love neons and I love glitter. Combining the two? I'm in heaven. I put one coat over two coats of black on the pinky finger, one coat over two coats of a light gray on the ring finger, one coat over two coats of white on the middle finger, and the index finger is three coats of solstice party alone. Which is nearly full coverage, how awesome is that? I bet with four coats it would cover even more. All of them are topped with seche vite, mostly cause I was being impatient with waiting for them to dry, haha.
Just to prove how much I loved this one, I've included extra pictures because I just couldn't stop taking them! I loved how it looked over the black best, but over white it reminds me of candy or something. And then by itself, it looks really neat too. I love how all the little glitters and colors look over each other. So pretty!

And that's it for now! Look for the cuticle oil review coming within the next two weeks and if you'd like to buy any of Lynda's polishes, check out her store here.

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