Friday, May 24, 2013

extra relaxed 31 day challenge day 13: animal print

today is day (week) 13 of the 31 day challenge. This is really getting on the way now! And I'm excited about today's theme - animal print. I just LOVE animal print anything. It's so fun and easy to do. And today I went with a simple leopard print mani.
I used la colors whipped and wet n wild tickled pink for the colors and alternated between the pink and nude colors. Then i used the opposite color and black acrylic paint for the leopard pattern. I LOVED this look so much. The pink nails looked much better in person, my camera made them look much brighter than they were. It was so pretty together though. 

What do you all think about these nails? Do you have a favorite color combination for leopard print? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. These are gorgeous! :D
    Love the colour combination, even if your pink didn't look as bright IRL - which is really what I think makes this pop so much!

  2. Ah see, I had the opposite that, that it looked MUCH better with the more pastel colored pink that I had used. It's not that it's not bright, but it's just a tad lighter and more pastel IRL and I loved it with the nude color. It looks good in the pictures too, it's just that I liked it better IRL.

    But thank you!

  3. Great colour combination, i think the pale pink and taupe/beige work so well together.:)

  4. Thank you! and I thought so too! It was really cute.


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