Saturday, June 8, 2013

Donna Michelle and Milani swatches

 Last weekend I went to dollar tree for some foam boards to make another polish rack. My one is almost full, so a new one is definitely needed soon, plus, I'm using left over boards from the first and second one and I've put together a smaller rack for all the minis I've ended up with to get them off my other rack, cluttering it up. 

Anyways, you know, I couldn't go in dollar tree without at least looking at their polishes, sometimes they have good stuff in there for just $1 that would normally be $5-6. I ended up grabbing these two and thought I'd throw up some swatches of them for you all. 

 First is Milani Pearl Glaze they had a few Milani's in the store, but only a couple colors, and this was the only one that really caught my eye because I love a good nude color. And this was definitely a good choice! It's nearly the perfect nude color with my skin tone, and applied sooo easy and evenly. It was amazing. This is two coats with peel off base coat and no top coat. I feel like this may be my new go to as a base for french tips. 

This is a Donna Michelle polish, and I wouldn't find a name for the color anywhere on the bottle or the packaging, so if anyone knows where to find the name or knows the name of it, let me know and I'll edit it in. This is a light green polish with lots of gold shimmer and little glass fleck, flaky type glitter's in it. It's shown here two coats over Sally Hansen Green With Envy, and three coats alone with peel off base coat and no top coat. This polish was very easy to apply, went on smoothly, but as you can see if's very sheer so unless you like the look of it that way, this one definitely needs undies! But I would recommend grabbing one or two of these if you seen them at your dollar tree! 

What do you think of these polishes? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. They look nice! For $1, there a steal too :)

    1. I thought so too! Especially the milani, I just wish they would have had more colors I liked haha.


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