Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Water marble Wednesday!

Okay, I wanna start doing a new weekly feature here for a while. I may not even do it every week myself but I'm gonna try! 

First off, I LOVE the look of water marbles, but I can never quite do them just right. I always try to 'draw' the design in the water too much and the colors all mix together and it just looks like.. grossness once it's on the finger. OR I don't do that, actually get a good design, and then my finger placement sucks. 

So, what I wanted to do was give myself a reason to do them more often so that I can get the practice and hopefully get better at doing water marbles. I've been avoiding them like the plague because of how messy they are and well.. if the results are exactly satisfactory then all that work and mess is for nothing, right? Right. But I want to change that so I'm going to try doing them more and this gives me the PERFECT reason to. Awesome. I'd also like anyone else that likes doing water marbles or wants more practice to join in as well, whether you post your own blog post for them, or you hop over to my facebook page and just post a picture on the wall. I'd love other to participate! Blog links are welcome on the facebook wall as well if you'd like to do both a blog and post on the wall. 

This is my first attempt at water marble for water marble Wednesday. It's not my first water marble at all, and I think I'm getting much better even without doing them often at all. The only one I'm not really happy with is the ring finger and that has to do with placement I think because I like the was the design is on the finger but the blueish color got too sheer or something towards the left side there. Other than that I was really happy with these. 

As a base color I used Sinful colors Unicorn, and the water marble colors used are LA colors Meadow, Daisy, and Bloom. I really loved the colors together and they worked perfectly for this. The only reason I used Unicorn instead of Daisy as the base was because Daisy takes three coats to be streak free while Unicorn is perfect in two coats so it was easier. They're very similar colors but Daisy is just a touch brighter.

What do you all think of these water marble nails? Will you be joining in for water marble Wednesday?


  1. Nice water marble! I haven't done one in a while but I really should.

    1. Thank you! And you should! lol I love them I just hate the messy clean up and how hard they are to get right :)

  2. I will join cuz I love to water marble but my first post with have to wait til next week.

    1. Yayy! Love seeing your water marbles <3


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