Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Water marble Wednesday!

This weeks water marble was actually kinda hard to get done. The polishes just didn't want to cooperate. BUT I did manage to get this, not the greatest, but I like the way it came out. I used a base coat of Sinful Colors Snow me white and water marbled with LA Colors Meadow and Whipped. Click the jump below if you'd like to see a couple of fails while i was trying to get the polishes to work out. 

That ring finger? That's how my water marbles ALWAYS came out for the longest time. I was so sad that neon yellow and purple weren't playing nice together though, I really loved the combination. The Yellow and gray worked better together, but it still wasn't quite giving me the results I wanted, and then we get to the thumb, the winning combination. Good thing I don't show pictures of my right hand often.
I'm not sure at all what happened to the design here, but I kinda like how it looks. wouldn't have been able to get it that way if I'd wanted to! 

I really liked the yellow and gray together, the yellow just wasn't showing up the way I was expecting. I may have to try this one again with a coat of yellow over the white as a base instead of just the white alone and see how that work out. 

What do you all think of this water marble? Have you tried water marbling yourself? Feel free to share a link to your water marble in the comments, or head over to the facebook page to share the link and/or pictures!


  1. I normally wouldn't have chosen to pair the blue with a light grey like that, but I REALLY like the combo. I think you did a great job :) I'll share my most recent water marble over on FB so you can see a quick pic!

    1. Once my first choice didn't work out I just started grabbing whatever was in reach to try, haha. It's actually a beige/nude color though, not gray. But thank you! <3

    2. Ohhh my bad. I saw the gray at the end and thought it was the same polish. Whoopsy :) Still looks lovely!

    3. No worries <3 the gray was one of my failed attempts, though I don't think it was the gray itself so I'll have to try using that one again sometime :)


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