Thursday, October 10, 2013

kkcenterhk store review stamping plate + water decals

Wooo! Hi Y'all! I have a couple more items to show you all from kkcenterhk today. Some are great, some are.. not so great.

I got three things this time. Two that I chose, one that went along with one of the items. You can get them all at the links below:

Water decals
Stamping Plate
Stamper/Scraper set

**These items were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review**
First up we have the stamping plate. This was the item that wasn't really that great. You can get most of the images to work with super light scraping and moving the polish around back into the images. But most of the images are etched pretty shallow and so too much scraping and you scrape it all right out of the image. The stamper that I got I used for the stamping, it's a mini sized one, it's a short little thing, but the size of the actual stamper is almost the same size as the large end of the konad double ended stamper i have. I like the texture on the stamper better than the konad one, and it has a tiny bit more of a squish to it. So all in all, for a cheap stamper, it's a pretty decent one. At least compared to the one other stamper that I've used anyways. So if you wanted to grab the stamper, I'd say go for it. As for the stamping plate, I'd say beware and don't expect the best quality from it if you do. 
Now on to the water decals. This picture above was my first attempt at using them. Let me just say, some things should come with instructions and not just assume that everyone is gong to know how to use them. I thought you could use them just like a temporary tattoo, just place it on the nail, get it wet, wait til it'll slide of the paper back and tada, done! But nope! Doesn't work that way. I thought they were no good til looking up water decals and talking with someone else that's used them from kkcenterhk before. 

This is the second attempt. Much better! Now I know they're not messed up! 
For these I had to put them in a cup/bowl of water. Then I picked them up out of the water with tweezers, place it on the fingertip of my opposite hand, and then placed it onto the nail from there so that the right side showed on. Basically, they have to be placed with the same side facing up as what faces up on the paper they come on. 
It's a lot easier than it sounds! And the images on them are really cute. They were so easy, they'd be great for someone that likes nail art but doesn't have time or isn't that great at free handing designs! And isn't great at stamping. I'd for sure recommend these decals, just don't be silly like me and think you can just put them directly onto the nail from the paper backing! They don't show up right that way! 

What did you think of these items? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. I'm not a fan of those types of stampers. Not to say that the plate itself wasn't an issue, but I think maybe that stamper might have been part of the problem. Also I rarely use the actual scrapers anymore. I especially don't use them if they are metal. I stick to my trusty gift card/old library card, etc. As for stampers ever since I bought my XL Squishy I will never go back to another stamper. lol If you want to do an experiment send me the plate and I'll test it out with my stuff, then when I'm done I'll send it back. :p (It's not really my style so I wouldn't want it permanently anyway.)

    1. haha it's not most peoples style anymore, and most probably prefer the larger ones in general. But my konad one has always worked fine for me at picking up the images and and transfering them, and this one, while a slight bit smaller, it worked about the same. And the scraper that came with this one was all plastic and almost like using a credit card or something. That I did like better than my metal konad scraper that came with that stamper. I think I may try it with my other plates that work okay and see what happens at some point, but the plate was def shallowly etched as all the polish would just scrape right out and you can barely feel the image is you run your finger over it. There was only one quite that bad, the others weren't great but you could get them to work.


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