Monday, November 25, 2013

Let It Snow Challenge - Thanksgiving

Hi y'all! It's time to start up a new challenge! I missed doing them, I looove doing them, They're lots of fun and provide some inspiration when you're stuck on what to do. This one I'm co-hosting with Polished By Audison, which by the way, if you're not already, you should run over and follower her because she does some pretty awesome nail are along with AMAAAZING Water Marbles. But anyways on to the nail art for todays challenge theme.

The first theme in our challenge is Thanksgiving. We both know that yes, this is technically a fall holiday and shouldn't really be in a winter challenge, but it's our challenge, and we can do what we want, plus, it's a perfect place to start at. 

For mine I did some Charlie Brown Thanksgiving nail art! Woo! I did a gradient of sorts, which is really subtle and apparently my camera didn't think being able to see it was necessary. The base is Sally Hansen Instadri Red-io Active and then I used LA Colors Cactus and Sinful Colors Courtney Orange to make the gradient. I have Snoopy on my ring finger, I'm pretty happy with how he came out, and I have Woodstock on my index finger. I'm not so happy with Woodstock to be honest. He doesn't quite look right as I didn't get the shape of him right to start with, knew it, couldn't get the black paint off, and just went with what I had to work with without completely redoing that nail. I think it's pretty decent as it is anyways, just could have been better. All the details are done with Acrylic paint by the way. 
Hope you all enjoyed these nails and check out the rest of the themes of the challenge as well as everyone elses Thanksgiving looks below!


  1. I did something wrong adding my link and I don't know how to fix it.

    1. It goes to the post for me, so should be fine but if you want to just add it again I can delete the first one

    2. It's working for me too, now. It looks different than the others though. Do you know what I did wrong? And how do I get it to post on my blog?

    3. THe only thing that looks different is that you've put your name instead of your blog name <3 and theres a link in this post i'll link below with links to all the codes to each day. Just copy and paste that code into the html of the blog post at the end and it'll show up

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  2. I love this movie!!! And your nail design is fabulous!!


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