Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lacquered Bliss Polish Swatchs

 Hi y'all! I have some indie brand swatches for you today! I've recently become a regular swatcher for Lacquered Bliss Polish which means I'm doing swatches for her store and get samples of her polishes sent to me. This time the package included full size bottles of her new years polishes, along with a mini set of polishes that will be releasing in January. I'll be showing you those as well but not until closer to their release, I think. But I DO have the new years polishes to show you today, which you can already find for sell in her shop. 

**These Polishes were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review**

First is my favorite new polish color. Not even kidding. This is Holo Day Party a minty greenish blue. This actually reminds me more of a Cyan blue than a minty green, but either way, whatever you would call the color, I LOVE it. It's so so pretty. There's shimmer to it, and theres little holo-y glitters in it. It's a little sheer, but applied and built up easy enough. Dry time is also AMAZZING on this one. This is three coats shown with no top coat. 

 Also, Lara asked if I could also swatch the polishes she sent me matte as well as they're own normal finish, so I thought I would include these as well just for fun. This is Holo Day Party with a Matte Top Coat. 

This one here is Take Charge and while I'm not loving it as much as the other one, I by no means hated this one, I'm just not big on these shades of purple. This is a medium-ish purple scattered holo polish. I really wish that my camera would pick up holo's much better than it does, but it actually did okay this time around. It's not overly holo, but theres just enough to add that holo sparkle and would be perfect for a new years night out. This one is also rather sheer on the first coat seems like it's going to take LOTS of layer to become opaque, BUT, that's not the case. It also had amazing dry time just like the first. This is three coats shown with no top coat. 

Again, the matted out version just for fun since Lara wanted Matte swatches as well. This is the same as above only with Matte Top Coat added. Don't ask why my pinky is more matte than the rest, I have no idea. I even tried a second coat on one other finger to see if it helped. Nothing happened. So my pinky just wanted to be special. 

What do you all think of these polishes and colors? Will you be buying them? 


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