Thursday, April 16, 2015

Born Pretty Store Loose Glitter!

Hi y'all! These are the last of the Born Pretty Store items for right now! And plus I tried out water marbling again! Aren't they just so neat looking? Amaaazing. I love a water marble look and since I discovered the easiest way EVER. to do one, I will be featuring them SO much more. At least given that I find polishes that work and cooperate with the water! But anyways, onto the point of this post. 

For this look I used Sinful Colors Tempest and Innocent. and the water marble decal method

The glitters are the born pretty store product I have to show you, these little 2mm loose round glitters. I got them in 8# which is a bright neon yellow, (even if they look slightly green here. Think highlighter yellow) and they were really fun to play with even if I suck horribly at glitter placement. 

These are about the same as applying any other loose glitter, so if you suck at placement like I do, these won't be your best friend. (They're def not mine, but I won't get better if I don't try right?) The color was very bright and vibrant, the color of the polish underneath didn't change it at all. And there was no bleeding with the top coat or anything like that. So these would be great if you like to play with loose glitters! 

You can get these right here, they come in a little jar, there are several colors to pick from, and they sell for around $1.78! 

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought in the comments below! 

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  1. Your water marble looks great. The loose glitter adds a nice touch to the design too.


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