Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate L011!

 Hi y'all! I have some more items to review for you all from Born Pretty Store today! They were awesome enough to send me three of their new stamping plates and this is one of the ones I chose to try out! I'm not the best at stamping, and I prefer doing freehand personally so I don't even own a lot of stamping plates, so I honestly can't compare these to much! 

This one was so easy to work with though, the image transferred well, but yeah, my lack of good stamping skills show here. Or it might be my stamper as well, as all I have is the standard konad stamper, I don't have any of the fancy larger stampers, or squishy stampers or any of that. So keep that in mind when deciding if these would be right for you as well. 
 I had so much fun playing with these too and the image was soooo so cute on it. It has to separate parts to it's images. On really large image with multiple different flowers, hearts, dots, etc of all different sizes, just pick the section you like best or you think will fit on your nail and stamp away! 

The other sise has several small images, all little woodland critter themes. Theres pine trees, grass, little red riding hood, the big bad wold, there's some deer, a fox, a squirrel, hedgehog. They are all so cute, but I haven't tried all of those yet. 

You can get this plate Right here and it sells for $3.99

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought in the comments below! 

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  1. Pretty design you achieved with this stamping plate.


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