Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Black And Green Mani

As always, remember to click the pictures for a larger view :)
Tree in the backyard
Most of the backyard. it was pretty to look at, but so cold.

Yesterday we had a white Christmas in Texas! I think it's the first time I've seen snow on Christmas day in my whole life. Christmas eve was snowy a few years ago, but it was gone by Christmas day. I'm not excited about the snow, as I haaate the cold so much, but it was pretty neat to see.

Front on shot.
Angled shot
I do actually have a nail look to share wit you today that I just put together. My niece got me that green polish for Christmas, and I had to try it out. It has such a pretty shimmer to it. And the black is black acrylic paint, and also lopsided on the nail, haha, thats what I get for freehanding everything.
Love this green, and the combo with the black is amazing. WE'll pretend the black isn't lopsided.


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