Tuesday, December 11, 2012

dollar general mini haul

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 Sooo, the other day I went to dollar general searching for a specific polish by LA colors. and ended up with that and four other polishes as well, so.

This is a light purple-y lavendar-ish color. I'm kinda in love with it. 

And Flicker is a bright neon yellow. It looks kinda green in the pics, cause my camera wanted it to be green i guess. 

Annnd this was what my mission was for in the first place! I heard somewhere that Dollar General had these rapid dry top coats, and my out the door is getting low. I love it, but for a dollar a bottle of the la color top coat, I'd rather give that a try before i spend $5+ on restocking my out the door fast dry top coat. So far, for the price, this has been awesome. Still not the best, definitely not as good as out the door. But, I've only used it once, I can't really say for sure how good it is, and for just $1? It's definitely worth it, you should pick some up if you see it while you're out. I got two bottles of these, the last two they had. haha. I hope they restock it. 

And I got these two glitters!

Confetti is a glitter with big round glitters and smaller glitters and it has blue, red, silver, and a verrry few pinkish, and gold glitters. It's pretty neat. I almost got the wet n wild fast dry party of five glitter, but seen this which was a dollar less, and it was exactly the same almost but minus the green glitter. 

Cocktail is a light pinkish glitter, I thought it was really pretty so I grabbed it up. It also has different sized glitters, and the larger ones seem kinda pearly as the color changes when the light hits it at diff angles. I love it.

Annd this is just a shot of all the bottles together. 

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