Monday, December 2, 2013

Let It Snow Challenge; Penguins + Pictorial

Hi Y'all! Third day of the Let It Snow Challenge which I'm hosting with Polished By Audison and today's theme is Penguins, which I also included a tutorial for so keep reading if you'd like to know how to do these cute little animal nails! 

So first off grab your supplies. I again, prefer acrylic paints for my art as it's easier to use and dries much much faster. But you can use polish in place of the paints if you'd prefer. 

I used NYC New York Color Black Lace for my base color, I also use LA Colors base/top coat for my base coat, and Sally Hansen Instadri Anit Chip Top Coat. I used white, black, and orange acrylic paints, along with a small paint brush and a dotting tool and tooth pick. So gather what you need for the look you're doing, any colors you want as these are your penguins, this is just the colors i chose to do mine in. 

1) Once you're base color is dry use the white acrylic paint (Or polish, whatever your preference) and the small paint brush and make a heart shape in the center of the nail. For me, I find it a lot easier to get a decent heart if I do it in sections. I start with a dot where I want the bottom point to be, then a dot directly above that where I want the point where the two humps to meet at and draw a line straight down, then I draw a 'V' shape coming from the bottom point, shaping the bottom of the heart, then start shaping the top part from there one side at a time. If you need to correct anything, like I actually did, you can then use your base color (black in my case) and go around the edge of the shape until you get it to a way you're happy with it. 

2) Take your dotting tool and black paint (Or polish) and make to large dots in the rounded part of the hearts for the eyes. 

3) While you wait for the eyes to dry a little bit, get your brush back and your orange acrylic paint (or polish) and make little triangle shapes under the eyes to make the mouth, by time you're done with this, you're black dots should be dry enough that you can use a tooth pick and white acrylic paint (or polish) and place a tiny little white dot in the eyes. 

4) Use your tooth pick (or brush, which ever you're more comfortable with) and make little 'V' shapes at the bottom of the heart shape on each side to make little penguin feet. 

5) Add your favorite top coat to seal in the design and add an awesome shine while smoothing everything out and you're done! Keep in mind if you're using acrylic paints, this step is especially important or you're design will eventually start to wash off within a couple days or less as the paints wash off with soap and water. 

Hope you enjoyed! Check out the other themes coming up below along with everyone elses penguin nails! 


  1. I love the heart shaped face, so cute!

  2. Ah these are SUPER cute what a great mani!

  3. These are too cute! I love the picture tutorial too! Thanks for sharing these :) Looking forward to seeing what you do for some of the upcoming challenge themes. xo The Sparkle Queen

  4. These penguins are absolutely adorable! :) You've done such a great job with them. :) (I came via the link-up at Sparkle Queen's place.)

  5. I love this mani its soooo cute! I also visited from the link-up at Sparkle Queen's blog.:)

  6. These are adorable :)


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