Thursday, January 31, 2013

elmers glue as nail polish base

I don't know about everyone else, but I always try to avoid glitter nail polish. Not because I don't like it, I LOVE it and the sparkly little flecks of color on my nails. but getting it off? I don't love so much. And I'm sure you've all heard of the peel off base coat by now, or using elmers glue in place of said peel off base coat. So I thought I'd give the glue a try. 

Lets just say the first try was a complete fail and I was disappointed that it didn't work even a little bit. (thank god it wasn't under glitter polish) so then I removed the polish on one nail and tried again. This time with a thicker layer of glue, let that dry, and then added another layer and let that dry. And guess what? IT WORKED. so then I did it again to get pictures for you and share what found from my little experiment. 

first off, getting pictures last night after the sun was gone wasn't the best so please ignore the quality of lighting in these pictures. and the blurryness of any of then because apparently I wasn't doing too good at the either. That picture up above is of the wet elmers glue. It's going to be white and kinda goopy at first. I used Elmers Glue All, but school glue might be better. the glue all is just what I had around the house. Now, click the link below to continue reading. 

This is the glue completely dry, completely dry two coats also, I didn't get pics in between of each coat. But this is what it looks like dry. In real life, it almost looks like it dries to a semi-matte finish just to give you an idea of when it's dry. This takes about 10+ minutes to dry by the way, depending on how think of a coat you put on.
wet n wild on a trip with two coats of sinful colors faceted on top
this is my finished result this morning. This is after sleeping on it and showering/washing my hair and all of that, so it's safe to say it holds up pretty well. I'd imagine as long as you don't pick at it to make it come off, it'd last for a few days at least.
It was easy enough at the bottom of the nail to just take your finger nail and give it a little nudge to get an edge to pull, and it peeled right off! Yay! No long scrubbing glitter removal.

This is my bare nail after wards though. I think it was already starting and the glue just helped it along, but at the tip there, there's a little bit of damage/peeling. I think my nails are a little blah right now from so much nail polish changing because of the challenge starting tomorrow. And the damage there buffed out easily enough, so not a huge problem. But I still think I'll only use this method every now and then when I reallly want to use my glitters just to avoid too much damage. And I wouldn't recommend trying it if you have weak/thin/peeling/etc. nails. I don't see any reason why it would hurt otherwise healthy nails though! Especially if its only every once in a while. 


  1. My question is this: did it work on all of your nails? I tried it and my first attempt was also a fail (2 of 10 peeled off properly). I will give it another go though.

    1. i only did it on one for this as not to waste too much glue/polish if it didn't work. It seems that if the layer of glue is too thin though that it doesn't work, do just make sure you have a good layer of glue under your polish


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