Sunday, January 27, 2013

bunday! and penguin nails!

I just have something quick for you today. My niece and nephew were here for the weekend and while the niece was up with me watching a move friday night, I painted penguins on her nails, and I thought I'd share them :)
and since it is bunday, I've included a couple pics of my baby... being a huge baby. If i rub her belly right between her two front legs, she trances out and goes to sleep and then just lays there like this. It's so funny, and cute. She's a spoiled silly baby. 


  1. Ohmygoodness bunny!

    I love bunnies, talking about bunnies, everything bunnies! Sunday Bunday is so cute!

    I have my own little boy, he's a harlequin lop rabbit, but HATES being held and sometimes pet. I'd love to if he let me, you're lucky she lets you hold her! She's a pretty girl! Do you know what she is?

    1. It took me a looong time to get her to let me do that, haha. And I only get to hold her if she says it's okay, head rubs though are constant, whoevers around, she just walks right up and shoves her head under your foot for head pets haha.

      Aw, yours sounds adorable! As for foofster, I'm not positive what she is, I know shes mixed with several things, the main I think is rhinelander, and shes got lion head in her i think too. She's also a half lop, only one ear flops haha.


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