Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Swatch post: LA colors

I have a quick swatch post for you today, I was going to wait and do these on my fingers, even if it's one at a time, but this nail wheel was just sitting here staring at me so I thought, why not? It's what nail wheels are for right? So, here you go! Swatches after the link below. 

all of the swatches together, these are all with 2-3 coats and no top coat.
first is cocktail a very pretty pink glitter polish in a clear base. there's lots of smaller pink glitter with larger silver glitters. Actually the larger piece kinda change colors as the light hits, it's a very pretty pink glitter. This is 3 coats over 2 coats of wet n wild tickled pink
next up is live with is just a silver polish. I love it though, it goes on so easy and completely covers almost in just 1 coat. It has a foil-y type finish almost and dries super fast. It was very easy to work with. I'm always avoiding colors like this because almost every time i pick one up, it's very watery and sheer and impossible to get full coverage, but this one was a pleasant surprise and has an amazing formula to it! This is two easy coats. (and sorry about the glare, it reflects light like crazy and i just couldn't get it out of the way haha)
For the last one we have palm tree on the left and sea siren on the right. palm tree is a cream sea green type color. Love Love Love the color of it. and sea siren is a blue-ish sea color with a slight blue, silver, green, sort of shimmer to it. I love this color too. And both went on perfectly with two amazing coats of color. Seriously, these polishes couldn't have applied more perfectly, I love them. And all of them were completely dry within five minutes, even with two coats. I'm definitely going to be going to dollar general sometime soon to find some more of their newer spring time colors. 

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