Friday, February 22, 2013

flip flop february day 22: Plaid/mustache

 day 22, challenge is already almost over and I've had SO much fun doing all of these challenges. Anyways, todays theme is either plaid or mustache nails. And I ended up picking plaid. I tried it once before and it was kind of a disaster, so I've been looking for a good excuse to try it again, and here we go! click the link below to see todays nails. 

 for these I first started off with two coats of an la colors mini red color. It's in a little square bottle, I think they were out around halloween time. There's not a name on the bottle, but it's a little bit darker red, kinda like a blood color.

after the base was dry, I used a striper brush and red, white, and green acrylic paint to make the pattern, and an la colors art deco polish in gold glitter, which really is just gold glitter.
This? Was MUCH better than my first attempt at doing plaid nails. so. much. better. I actually really like how they came out even. I'm not a fan of red, so next time I think I'd pick different colors, but I wanted it to be like a scottish kilt type thing for this attempt so I went with red. It's actually not so bad with it not being a true bright red though. 


  1. These are stunning! They are similar to the picture I had in my head when I was trying to do them. Mine didn't really work though!

    1. Thank you! There was a tutorial on youtube i used for them for kilt nails I think, I just added the gold glitter stripper as extra :)


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