Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flip Flop february day 23: linghtning/bows

The theme for day 23 of the flip flop february challenge is lightning nails or bows. And I really liked the idea of lightning nails, and the look of them when I looked them up. So here we go! Plus.. even though bows is the one on the easy side of the challenge.. I SUCK at making them so. I need to practice that, haha. Click the link below to see more of these nails and how I did it. 

To start off a did two coats of a shimmery gray by la colors. I'm not sure of the name, it's not on the bottle (I bought a bunch of their polishes before the names of them were on the bottle.) Once the gray was dry I sponged on lost soul, meadow, bliss, and an unnamed metallicy dark blue from LA colors, along with on a trip  by wet n wild until i got the background of my nails to look how I wanted. It's very similar to doing galaxy nails.
I also ended up with little bits of sponge stuck to my nail, I realllly HATE when that happens and was so frustrated and didn't want to do these again. I put an extra thick coat of Seche Vite on to smooth them out, and there a couple spots where you can see see the sponge bits (index finger) for the most part, you'd never be able to tell. I HATE using seche vite, it just makes my polish shrink and peel (Less than 2 hours after putting it on, even with wrapping the color and top coat around the tips my polish is ALREADY shrinking back from the tip of the nail from it) but it's really good for cases like this when the nail needs to be smoothed out. The only thing it's actually good for, otherwise it's just garbage :\ I'm going to take my unpopular opinion elsewhere though. 

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