Sunday, March 10, 2013

easy Polish Removal

Do you love painting your nails and hate removing the polish? Or does it seem to take forever to remove it? Maybe you use three or more cotton balls to scrub off all that glitter in your favorite polish. Whatever the reason. I just might have a solution! 

Acetone, nail scissors, and a cotton ball. OH,
The picture to above? This is the ONLY thing you need to remove your polish fast and easily with only one cotton ball. Just one. That's it. I Haaated removing polish before I found this way of removing it. Also, if you'd rather use non-acetone or regular nail polish remover instead of pure acetone, you just have to wait a little bit longer for the cotton pieces to sit on the nails once dipped in you're remover of choice. Keep reading to see more on this. 

the nails i'm cleaning off. There's a base coat, two coats of base color, two coats of the frosty color, and two coats of top coat. So in all about 7 layers of polish, and it took me less than 5 minutes to remove it all.

Just take your cotton ball and unroll it so it looks like the picture to the left above. Yes, cotton balls unroll, just find the end and it'll turn into one long strip like the one above. Once that's done, split it in half length wise like shown in the picture to the right. I prefer to use my nail scissors for this, but if you'd like, you can just tear it and it works just as well.

When you get the cotton ball split length wise, either with your scissors or by tearing it in half, then you'll want to cut it into smaller nail sized pieces. Again, I prefer using my scissors for this, but you can tear it just as easily if you'd prefer. I like cutting them myself as it keeps them better intact and they don't seem to let the acetone seep out and all the up my arm once the pieces are on the nail. But you can try both ways if you'd like and see if it makes a difference at all for you.

After your pieces of cotton ball are all cut into nail sized pieces, I usually get about 15-20 pieces from one cotton ball, just depends as some balls seem to be larger than others. ANYWAYS. Take those pieces and pour some acetone into the cap of the bottle (or whatever your preferred polish remover is) and dip the pieces into it. DON'T PUT THE WHOLE PIECE IN. Just a tiny little edge and it'll soak it up into the rest of the piece of cotton. Then place it onto your nail making sure it covers the whole nail like the picture to right right. Then let it set for 30-45 seconds. (if you're using non-acetone polish remover, you'll want to leave it for several minutes which makes this method take much longer. I'm not sure with just regular polish remover as I haven't tried with that.) And then you'll be able to take you're polish right off! 

Once the acetone soaked cotton has set on your nails for long enough, you'll want to take the thumb of your opposite hand, press it against the piece of cotton at the cuticle of the nail, and push forward. (You'll have to put quite a bit of pressure as you push for it to work correctly. Especially with non-acetone remover.) And the polish along with the piece of cotton should slide right off. With this it all slid off with no problem, there was nothing left behind for me to clean up afterwards. But, if there is any polish left on the nail after this step, take a couple of those extra cotton pieces you cut up and use it to clean up. Usually theres some left around the very edges and the tip of the nail that you'll have to clean up.
And then you're all done! Nails cleaned! Love this method, and wasn't sure how many people knew about it so I thought I would share my findings so that everyone can try it out, especially those that might not know anything about it yet. The best part? This takes off even GLITTER polish the exact same way! No fuss at all! I'm not scared of putting my glitter polishes to use anymore! 

What do you guys think? Will you be giving this a try? Do you have your own methods of removing polish quickly? If so, share you're technique in the comments! I'd love to hear them :)


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