Friday, March 29, 2013

extra relaxed 31 day challenge day 5: blue nails

day 5 of the extra laid back lazy 31 day challenge. Can't believe we're already on week 5! so excited to show you guys what I have for you today. Blue ocean nails! Really love how these came out! And I have a tutorial! 

 This is the look, and keep reading on to see more pictures, plus, a tutorial!! 

I'm in LOOOVE with these. I started off with my sinful colors base coat and two coats of la colors in sea siren I then used sinful colors kissy to create a gradient. I had hoped for a bit more of a noticable gradient, but def wanted a bit of a subtle dark to light going on, which I did get and love. I used acrylic paints for everything else.

Here is the tutorial and how I got the final look! Hope you enjoy it. I decided to do it this way as not to clutter up the post with a million pictures. One thing I will include though is a picture of the gradient on it's own.

this is already in the video, and thats the reason it's not watermarked. But I thought I'd include it here too to show how awesome it turned out. This is the finished gradient topped with china glaze fairy dust to smooth it out and make it look like sparkly ocean waters. :) And this can definitely be worn on it's own if you'd like! 


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