Monday, March 25, 2013

Ellagee polish review. New up and coming indie brand!

Today I have something brand new for you! So brand new in fact, it isn't even officially released yet, and I'm so excited to be showing you all these awesome polishes from ellagee she was nice enough to let me review these pretties for her. And up above there is the package I received. The package she used to ship it with the polka dots was so cute! And she had everything neatly packed in that little bag which I thought was super cute as well! And the hand written note was amazzing to get. Along with the extra gifts she included to. Thank you Laura, I loved them! I'm eying those smarties as we speak.

Now enough of my rambling, lets got on with the review now! 

 Showing off the bottles with the gifts :) The little nail file is really cute, and smarties! I haven't had smarties in forever! And they're tasting really good, I'm munching on them as I write this now, haha. It was so sweet of Laura to include the file and candies with the polishes.
Now, the bottles on their own. So cute! And decent sized for minis as well! And the colors in person are even more pretty! She sent me Downy paintbrush, and pillow of bluebonnets from her first collection release, sparkling spring wildflowers, which releases on march 30th. And she also sent me crazy he calls me from her next collection planned for april. 

First up we have downy paintbrush
This just might be my favorite of the three she sent me. It's a bright, quite pink leaning, coral color with TONS of glitter packs in. it has pink and gold hex shaped glitters, it looks like, with some smaller round glitters of the same colors. There might be a hint of silver glitters in there too, or maybe just the lighting and the way I'm seeing it. It definitely kept photographing more red than it is. In the bottle it looks almost orange, and on the nails, like i said, it's a very pink leaning coral. Very pretty color! Application was amazing. Bit streaky on the first coat, but works itself out with a second coat. And there's no need at all to fish for glitters, even in the mini sized bottle, theres so much that the brush is covered in it and it goes on perfect! This is two coats of color, with no top coat to show the polish on it's own. There was also no problem with it not being smooth enough even with all the glitter. Definitely a plus in my book! 

Next up we have pillow of bluebonnets
Pillow of bluebonnets is an amazing dark blue jelly base with LOTS of glitter once again. It has large blue round glitters, square gold glitters, small silver glitters, and theres large hex shaped glitter that look like a very light purple, but I can't tell if I'm seeing things and they're actually silver, or if they really are light purple, either way, this polish is amazing! I love it even more in person than I did on the pictures Laura posted on her facebook. It once again had amazing aplication, kinda streaky on the first coat, fixes on second coat, though if not careful, the color does drag and create bald spots, so I'd suggest letting it dry quite a bit in between coats. Glitter was easy to apply and again, no fishing around trying to get it on your brush, the brush is already packed full of lots of the glitter. Again, this is two coats and no top coat. 

Last, but definitely not least, at all, is, crazy he calls me
This is a glitter polish in a clear base. Here I've shown it over black on the pinky finger, by itself on the ring finger, over gray on the middle finger, and over white on the index finger. I've NEVER had a glitter apply this much! I love it! It had gold, green, purple, red, orange, and blue glitters in it in various sizes. (And hopefully I didn't miss any of the colors in it!) And just one coat I had almost completely covered all the black on my pinky, as in, it was hard to see the background color! I love that! And it's such a pretty combination together. it also reminds me a lot of confetti. Or spinkles on birthday cake, haha. I think it's just the colors. Again, no fishing for glitters on your brush, this polish is PACKED full of glitters, and you don't even have to pat it on like most glitters to get good coverage, just apply it like you would any other polish and you get a giant confetti/birthday cake sprinkle part on your nails! Again, this is two coats of the polish on each finger and no top coat. I just might be using this one quite a bit, haha. Looove it. 

I loved all of these polishes overall! There's so much sparkly goodness! what did you guys think of these? let me know in the comments!

you can check out the ellagee polish etsy shop if you would like to check out the other colors in the sparkling spring wildflowers collection and pick up a few when they release on march 30th. I would highly recommend it as these polishes are awesome!


  1. Thank you so much! I'm thrilled to have you review my polishes, your pictures are beautiful <3

    1. You're welcome! And thank you for giving me the chance to review them for you!

  2. Crazy he calls me is definitely my favorite! The under coats you used make it look so pretty!

    1. That was the plan! A few colors to make the colors in the glitter pop as well as show it on it's own :) It really was an awesome glitter polish.

  3. Omg, Pillow of bluebonnets looks amazing on you! All three are adorable though :) I haven't heard of Ellagee before, I liked the Facebook page. I can't wait to check out some of those pretties!

    1. I always tend to look better with darker colors haha :) Thank you! And you should check her out! She's got some pretty awesome polishes for sale soon :)


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