Tuesday, March 19, 2013

swatch post: La colors and sinful colors polishes

 Today I have some swatches for you, and I have 6 colors to show you this time. 4 from sinful colors, and two from la colors. Two of my favorite and most affordable brands. Loooove these. well.. with the exception of one.. but we'll get into that in a bit. keep reading to see the swatches. 

Sinful Colors
First off we have beau khaki a very recent purchase as I went looking for the sugar rush collection colors at walgreens, an they had NONE so I ended up picking up this one and a couple others instead. I didn't think I'd be that excited about this one after I got home, but it turns out, I love love love this green. It's kind of an army/khaki type green. It would be a perfect base for making camo nails actually. And It applied AMAZINGLY. This is two coats, but really, it only needed one, I only did two to get any spots I missed or where the polish pulled from moving the brush across it too many times on some nails. Suuch a great color. I love it so much. And it looks so good on me.
Next up we have what seems to be a hard to fin polish from what I've seen around the nail community lately, but my walgreens always has this one. Green Ocean - I've actually had this one sitting around for nearly a year and for this swatch I just put one coat over beau khaki. And remember at the first of the post I mentioned not liking one of these six polishes? This is it. I Looove the color and the pretty little glitters in it. but application is sooo horrible. It's a nightmare really. It's thick and goopy, and don't even get me started on the HUGE chunks of glitter that curl up and WON'T. STICK. DOWN.SMOOTH. I cannot get the polish to go on smoothly no matter what. Even seche vite doesn't smooth it out and well.. Seche vite smoothes out bits of sponge stuck to my nails from gradients so... thats bad when it doesn't help. so I'm definitely not sure what all the fuss about this one it, everyone seems to want it. But I kinda wish I would have skipped it over.
Not accurate color, but wanted to show the glitters a little more up close. Pretty color. Not worth the hassle of applying it.
Here we have one of my all time favorites. Glass Pink - a very light sheer pink packed with TONS of shimmer. This is such an amazing colors, perfect as a french base to add a little sparkle to something simple. I love it as is on it's own though, sometimes I have lazy days and want to have 'natural bare nails' but my nails yellow no matter what so I don't like them :/ This polish here? Fixes that. It adds just a hint of color and lots of sparkle, while leaving the bare nail showing through and covers the stains. Amazing! This is two coats of the color. You can add a third and get a tiny bit more coverage though if you'd like.
Again. not at all accurate in color, but wanted to show the shimmer in it and just how much of it there is.
Last of the sinful colors polish, but definitely not least. We have kissy such a pretty blue packed with so shimmer! In certain lights, the shimmer takes on a green color, making the polish itself look more teal. It's sooo pretty. This is just two coats, and the best part is it didn't stain my skin like most similiar colors do!
Just wanted to show the shimmery sparkly bits in this polish as well.

LA Colors
Another amazzzing polish and color. meadow is a blue grean kinda sea foam tealish color. It's sooo pretty. I love it. This is a straight cream color, no shimmer or anything at all. And this is two coats. The first coat goes on a little streaky, leading you to believe it's not going to be an easy to use polish, but with the second coat, it fixes itself completely and becomes streak free!
It was photographing a little more on the blue side than it looks in real life, so I added this shot without flash to show a bit more true color. It's not perfect, but this is a little closer than the flash pics.

And last we have sea siren one of my favorite blues right now. Actually. It's one of the very few blues that I own. This is a cream ocean blue type color with a subtle hint of shimmer which isn't totally noticable in the pictures. And this is two coats of colors. Amaaazing formula on this one, almost completely covers in one coat, actually if you're in a hurry you could probably use one thicker coat and be done. 

And the dry time on all of these is AMAZING. Like ten minutes tops and it's dry completely. Love them. 

What do you think of these brands? What about the colors? Favorite blue polishes?


  1. I was never quite sure how to feel about l.a colors because they sell them at dollar tree and for some reason it makes me think that they're cheap or there's something wrong with them. But now I'm curious! I think I'll go pick up a few, what do I have to lose?!

    I really like sea siren!

    1. Haha, you'd be surprised what you can get for just $1 sometimes that's pretty awesome! I loove la colors. They seem to have the newest, biggest selection of colors at dollar general.. you have to be willing to dig through a big bin of polish though, haha. They're really awesome polishes for the price!

      Sea siren's a pretty blue! I love the shimmer in it. I got that one from family dollar if youd like to find it. They may have it other places though too. :)

  2. I LOVE L.A.Colors polishes! I was the same way at first, but my budget was tight and I just wanted to try some new colors, so I figured I might as well use the dollar ones. Now, I have tons of them. I really love that Meadow color, though I don't have it.
    Side not: Beau Khaki? Seriously? Great color, but that is a horrible name. Yes, I know what it is referring to, and that's absolutely disgusting.

    1. haha, I'm always on a budget when it comes to my nail stuff. So the dollar polishes is what I started on. There's no reason to pay for higher end brands when you can get the same thing for a dollar. And besides, paying more for something doesn't always make it better.

      haha, Idk about the name, I didn't name it. I love the colors though.


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