Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disney nail art challenge day 7: The lion king

Day 7 of the disney nail art challenge, and the them is the lion king. I looove the lion king! It's always been my favorite movie, and this mani didn't turn out as I hoped, I should have stuck with the african sunset and the middle finger lion head thingy, haha. BUT, I started with white on my pinky and pointer finger, did a red to orange gradient with acrylic paint over that. Then used la colors deluxe on the ring finger and used acrylic paint to paint simbas face or what was suppose to be simbas face :| And on the middle finger is an off red polish with sinful colors cloud 9 over it to give it kind of a coppery look, and then the details are done with acrylic paint.
What do you guys think of this look? Like it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments and check out everyone elses lion king nails! 


  1. I think you have done a great job Katherine! I love the sunset you have done and the trees are awesome, well done my sweet xxxx

  2. This is nice! Love the sunset! Now I want to try cloud 9 over a red polish.

    1. Thank you! And haha, that experiment turned out better than expected, I just expected it to add a little shimmer, and I got a whole new color from it instead, it was nice :)


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