Tuesday, April 23, 2013

off-topic tuesday

So today, we're going to try something new. A new ~day of of sorts. Off-topic tuesday. I'll take Tuesdays to post whatever I want. Talk about movies I've watched in the last week, games I've been playing, a song or album I can't get enough of. A Favorite picture for the week. Anything like that. It'll be different every week, (or whenever I post.) but I'm definitely not promising to remember to do it every week just like bunday sunday. It might happen every other week, or once a month, or anything in between there. But I will be doing it when I remember, at least if you guys like the idea. So, now lets get on with the rest of the post which could get pic heavy so I'm adding a jump. 

 haha after all the making out on the couch, he asked the other sim to marry him and well because he was sure it was going to be a yes. uh, he was wrong. so he had a mental breakdown. Just flop in the floor and have a fit until the therapist shows up, for real. This is my favorite part of the sims 2.
of course the only logical thing to do after being rejected for your proposal is to go snuggle in bed with your second choice, haha. 

So, obviously, I play a lot of sims. And I thought that since I had originally started this blog for both my nail art and my sims, that I would include that in these posts. Maybe not every week, but probably pretty often. I was also playing simcity 4 for a while, so if I get back into that at all, I might include a few pictures of that as well. These posts are probably always going to be more pictures than words unless I've got a lot to say for the week, haha. 

Something else I'm a big fan of - Adam Lambert. and my picture of the week would be of him. At least.. my favorite of the moment because there's always new pictures popping up and my favorite changes more than once a week, haha. I'll just throw whatever random picture I pick at the moment into this post. Whether it's of a person, or animals, maybe even nails I've done or want to do. Art, even. Anything. I may not even include this part every off-topic tuesday post, but i'll try to remember to :) 

Aaand! Something I've been listening too a lot. This song is one of the many I've been listening too. Actually, the whole album. I love The Summer Set, they've been one of my favorite bands for quite a few years now. I wasn't thrilled with their last album, it was good, but just i don't know, different than their usual I guess. But the one they just released a couple weeks ago (including this song posted. Legendary is the name of the album if anyone's interested) I just can't stop listening to. 

And I think that's it for this off-topic tuesday! Like I said, sometimes the content in them may vary, I may include movies I've watched, recipes, tv shows, etc. Just whatever I have in mind that week. It could include more than what this one did, or less. Just depends on my week. 

What do you think of these posts? Should I keep doing them? Is it something you're interested in, seeing something other than nail art? Let me know in the comments and also feel free to do you're own off-topic tuesday post if you'd like! It could be a fun thing to do to learn more about everyone!


  1. I liked it...sometimes it's nice to see what everyone else is into besides nails :)

    1. I thought so too. It's definitely fun to get to know people for more than just what they like to wear on their nails :)

  2. I liked it...sometimes it's nice to see what everyone else is into besides nails :)

  3. Haha I love Sims. I'm playing the Medieval Sims now. :)

    1. haha I haven't plaayed that one. My comp probably wouldn't like it even if I wanted to though :(


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