Friday, May 10, 2013

extra relaxed 31 day challenge day 11: Stripes

Todays 31dc nails are stripes. They came out really girly, and I kinda love them. I used sinful colors folly for the base (one coat too and it was perfect.) and the rest is acrylic paint, and freehanded. I really like how the stripes came out and how the colors went together. But my flowers look more like fried eggs, it's gross, haha. 

What do you guys think about these nails? Love them or hate them? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. Hi Katherine, I deleted the above reply (ollie B), my son had logged as him and I didn't realise till I published.!!
    I had written i love these nails, I love girly nails. Your flowers look like daisies to me, lovely. Also I think you are a week ahead, isn't it polka dots this week.:)

    1. haha no worries!

      and thank you! And you're right, and I just noticed. I just have gotten confused cause I did them at the same time and gotten them mixed up, lol.


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