Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Off Topic Tuesday

Time for another off topic tuesday! 
I'm not sure I have much to share today though, haha. I have a couple not so off topic things that aren't really worthy of getting their own post that I'm going to include, and also a couple pictures. Maybe. 

 First up is the not so off-topic things. This is my Mani for the weekend, and it doesn't really fit my challenges, but I didn't want to give it it's own post. So I'm just including it here. La colors meadow and pink bubbles and the black details are done with acrylic paint. I loooved it so much! It was so bright and pretty. I just love leopard print nails so much lately.
And this one isn't really off topic either, considering it is nail care of some sort. A couple months ago, I decided I wanted to make my own cuticle oil. Just for myself, but I looked up different oils and the benefits of using them and all of that. Jojoba I decided was a must, and the rest was up for debate. I didn't want to use just jojoba because I wanted to mix it with other oils to get the benefits of all of them, on top of making my oils last that much longer. The smallest bottles I can find are 4oz bottles, and right now I have 3 different ones. That will last me FOREVER. The before picture is from about 6 weeks ago, the after picture is from just a few days ago. And other than the horrible yellow staining on my nails they look MUCH better. You can tell my cuticles are looking better than ever. I miss my length though :( That's growing back though! 

Those results were just with jojoba and grape seed oil. I recently added a vitamin e oil to it though. One that I thought was just vitamin e when I ordered it, but when I got it, discovered it was vitamin e, coconut, and mineral oil. But since I'm only using a little bit of it mixed with everything else, It'll work still and add coconut oil to the mix as well. I've almost got enough to order almond oil to add to the mix as well and then I want to get some apricot and avocado oil to add as well as some fragrance oils. I'm getting there slowly! But then once I have those three oils and the fragrances I want, it'll be complete! I'm still debating whether or not I should add olive oil, anyone have any thoughts on that? 

Yes.. I rambled a lot there. I'm done with that subject. 

I've been watching the new series on netflix, hemlock grove? I don't know how much I like it yet, it's just the second episode I watched last night. But.. I have to say.. it's the goriest werewolf transformation I think I've ever seen. Ever. But then.. I don't watch a lot of werewolf movies either so I could have been missing out on those gory gross transformations all this time! Maybe I should check out some of them and see, haha. I love gory gross horror movies. I'm hard to scare, so they NEVER scare me. But, they might possibly succeed in grossing me out one day. Anyone ever seen the human centipede? If you're easily grossed out.. I wouldn't touch it.. just saying. 

Aaand last for this week.. I've recently (as in, just yesterday) remembered that new found glory is amazing and that they've got a pretty recent album out. Maybe not that recent, (It's about a year old I think?) But still. I'm a fail at keeping up with these things and I find them late. But spotify has been amazing at keeping up. I've always loved them, seen them live at warped tour once. Almost got crushed against the barricades even though the security guy tried to tell me not to stay there, right before giving me his super hot and gross been sitting in the sun all day monster energy drink because he didn't like it, haha. I didn't really care that I was getting crushed though. One of the best shows ever. Even in texas july heat. Horrible.

I think I've rambled enough though, so I'll leave you here. 

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