Monday, May 6, 2013

disney nail art challenge day 10: Tarzan

today is day 10 of the disney challenge and the theme is tarzan. I have to be honest here too, tarzan I don't think I've ever seen. Maybe bits and pieces of it, but I've never sat down and watched the whole thing. Never had an interest too. So, with that said. My nails are simple, I got my inspiration from tarzans loin cloth thingy. I used a base of la colors whipped and then i halfed the nail diagnally with black acrylic paint, and then sponged on wet n wild sunny side up because i wanted a more faded looking orange. In the end i ended up sponging whipped over the orange too to get the exact color i was looking for. I touched up the black line and added the spots. I'm pretty happy with these! 

What do you guys think of these? Let me know in the comments and check out the other Tarzan nails below!


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