Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Palmolive SoftTouch from Influenster off-topic tuesday

Not exactly nail related. But, I've gotten my first products from Influenster and they happened to send me dish soap. haha. I guess it has to do with nail related things as dish soap and washing dishes can be hard on your hands? They sent me the vitamin E and the coconut butter formulas of the product and both smell AMAZING. 

I'm also just going to say that I wasn't expect such large bottles of the product. It's my first time getting things from Influenster so I wasn't sure what to expect really, but I figured it would be sample sized bottles or at least the smallest size ones you could get. Instead it was two pretty large size bottles. One is suppose to be for me, and another for a friend. I don't really have anyone to give it too so, I told my mom she'd use one and I'd use the other, haha. There was also 5 $1 off coupons for the product in the box that you're suppose to give to friends and whatnot.

I just received the box on Friday? I think? It might have been Saturday. It was sometime over the weekend. Then my mom joked that it was her mothers day/birthday present. (Yes, sometimes her birthday falls on mother's day and this year was one of those times, haha). But BESIDES THE POINT. To be honest, we probably won't be buying it again as it's expensive and we can't afford it. so, no matter how much we like/don't like it, doesn't really make much of a difference in whether or not we'll be buying it after this. Maybe if it's ever on sale.

So far, it's been good! It's soft on your hands as it says, doesn't dry them out or make them gross. At least, my mom says it's making her hands better. I'm kind of a freak about grabbing lotion anytime my hands are near water or soap of any kind, so I wouldn't be able to notice a difference at all anyways. I think our only complaint about these is that the smell sticks. If I go wash dishes, my hands will smell like the soap the rest of the day NO MATTER WHAT. and if you wash plastic dishes, they tend to hold the smell as well and you can't really get it out. We've been using the coconut one, and that ones not really that bad with that. but my mom tried the vitamin e one first and said it was worse on leaving the smell behind. So if you don't like smelling flowery hands or coconut after using it, it's probably not for you. 

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