Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat review and swatches

Today I have another review for you all! The rest of the Sally Hansen polishes I review. I already posted about the sugar coat polishes, and now I bring you the four fuzzy coat polishes that I received. I enjoyed these MUCH better than the sugar coats.. not that the sugar coats were bad quality or anything, I just don't like that textured look. 

Apparently, these fuzzy coats are dupes for the nails inc. feather effect nail polishes, but for a much cheaper, more affordable price for those of us that can't afford anything other than drug store brand polishes, but I can't compare or even tell you if they really are because I have no experience with the feather effect polishes, I actually had no idea they even existed until I started seeing these Sally Hansen polishes popping up everywhere. But now enough of my rambling, let's get on with the swatches and review! 

**these polishes were all sent to me by Sally Hansen for my honest review**

First up we have All Yarned Up which is a clear base with TONS of little bar glitters in yellow, orange, and blue. This one is probably my favorite if you want to talk color wise. I just love the combination of colors on this one. It was actually pretty easy to work with too. I put one coat over a light gray polish on the pinky and index finger, and the middle and ring fingers are three coats alone. No top coat. This one has a pretty perfect formula. It's packed with quite a bit of the glitters, though it could be more.The first coat on a bare nail, it's kinda hard to get the glitter to go where you want, and it all pulls toward the top of the nail with the brush so you have to dab a little and use a VERY light hand to avoid that, but on the second and third coat the glitters seem to catch on the glitter and polish already on the nail and go on much easier. Over the colored base, it goes on much easier and smoother as well. I really like these polishes so far. 

Next up we have Fuzzy Fantasy which has lime green and white bar glitters in a clear base. This one was a little harder to work with as you see on the middle and ringer fingers there are some bare spots, but that probably could have been fixed if I took more time and dabbed a little more but what little I tried doing that just wasn't working and I gave up. Again this is three coats on it's own on the middle and ring fingers, and one coat over a light gray on the index and pinky fingers. I LOVE the color combination on this one too, it looks so pretty together, but all yarned up is still my favorite color wise.

Next we have peach fuzz which is a bar glitter in a clear base with orange and yellow glitters. The formula on this one was MUCH thinner than the others, not less glitter, but the base itself was much more runny that the other ones. Not horribly running, but to the point that you have to be careful with it. I also love this color combination, the orange and yellow look really cute together. It also has a bit better glitter pay off than the other two as you can see, it could almost be worn all on it's own. Again, I put one coat over light gray on the index and pinky fingers, and three coats alone on the ring and middle fingers. All of these had the same problem of the glitters all pulling towards the tip with the brush on the first coat over bare nail, but being easier and applying more evenly on the second and third coats, and applying much more even over the colored base.

Last, but definitely not least at all we have tight knit a blue and white bar glitter in a clear base. This one is PACKED with glitter. I think it had the best glitter payout of all four of the ones I received, again that's three coats on the ring and middle fingers alone, and it could definitely be worn all on it's own just like that, and that's one coat over light gray on the pinky and index fingers. The only downside to this one is that it does end up very thick, it's a bit thicker than the other three so it is very thick on the nail. If that doesn't bother you though, no big deal. This color combination is very cute too though I'm not a fan of that color blue at all. I think it'd be pretty over a red for the fourth of July. I may just have to try that myself.

Overall I love these polishes! The glitter is nice, the color combinations are very pretty, and they cn be layered or worn alone with enough coats of the polish. Other's obviously may have a different experience with them than I did I well. I think I'm going to have to try them again over colors similar to them to see what happens. So be on the look out for these fuzzy coats to show up on the blog again!

What did you all think of these? Would you buy them? Is there a certain color you're looking for? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. veronica mirandaMay 29, 2013 at 11:24 AM

    Tight Knit is so pretty! It's probably the only I would pick up. :)

  2. I love All Yarned Up! I'll have to pick it up soon. :)

    1. That one was my fave color combo of the ones i was sent. :) I really want Fuzz Sea and the light blue one, but haven't gotten them yet. I seen them at walgreens today but I didn't have $7 to spend on a polish haha.


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