Friday, July 12, 2013

Splatter Nail art!

 Challenges are over, so posts will come less often for a bit. I think I'll take off challenges til the fall, probably around October, maybe I'll find a good Halloween challenge to join in on. Or host my own. We'll see what pops up around that time to see which I do. BUT ANYWAYS. Today I have a fun splatter look for you all to see. There's a few more pictures and I'll explain how I did it after the jump. 

I started with my base coat and two coats of LA Colors La Creme which is one my favorite white at the moment. It's not really white, it's a cream colored off white so it's not so stark against the skin, it's amazing, it streaks if you don't have lots of patience though. But anyways. After my base color was down I picked the colors I wanted to splatter. 

First I had picked other polishes, I was going to use the straw method to do it. That didn't work out. I didn't have the right straw for it or something. It just wouldn't splatter out at all. So then I dipped my straw in some acrylic paint to see what happened there. Same thing. Nothing happened, it just wouldn't blow out of the straw at all. 

So instead, I took a paint brushes, loaded it up with acrylic paint, and watered it down, TONS, so that it was thin enough it would easily splatter. Then I just tapped it against the table over the nail until I got enough of that color and then start all over for all the fingers and then for the next colors. It was easy to do, but it was the biggest mess ever. The little cabinet I do my nails on is not splattered pink, black, and yellow, along with the fact that my arms and everything were splattered those colors also. It was a lot of fun to do though and I love the finished result.

This was my right hand. Because I thought it was about time I show it alone with my left. And because I liked the way it came out better than the left hand as well. 

What do you think of these nails? Would you try them? Let me know in the comments below!


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