Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Beach nails!

Hi guys! Today I have a super fun summery beach mani to show you! I meant to have this up much sooner but it was just a busy weekend. We had a movie night in the backyard with all my cousins and they're kiddos, and my sis and nieces and nephew too, saturday night. Which turned into a much longer night than it needed to be, but I'll spare the details of that. Lets just say I didn't sleep much and didn't feel like doing anything yesterday, which is when I meant to get this up. But anwayyys. 

For this look I started with a base color of Wet 'N' Wild I Need a Refresh Mint and then in the middle for the water I used LA Colors Aquatic and for the sand I used LA Colors Whipped and all the rest of the details were done with acrylic paints. Little crabs and starfish, and blankets and flip flops, and even little buckets and shovels. I looove how these came out! I'm actually still wearing them right now, but they're chipped and need to be taken off which I'm doing here in a little while.
What did you all think of this look? Is it something you would try? Let me know in the comments below!


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