Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Water marble wednesday!

Hi y'all! I've been slacking a little on the water marble Wednesday's. I've just been blah and uninspired to do water marbles, and then everytime I sit down to do one, it just doesn't come out right. But I swear to you, I'm going to try to get them out more often from now on. Let's say at least once a month from now on? More often depending if I'm feeling it or not. 

This week is a little different though. This week I've teamed up with Polished by Audison to do a water marble Wednesday collab of sorts. And the ~theme we decided on was flowers. what that really meant was, we were sticking to the basic flower design of water marbling, but I took it just one step further and included flowers on my nails as well!

For this I started out with two coats of Sinful Shine Spitfire on all my nails. I used Wet 'N' Wild Wild Shine in Teal slowly and See, Listening to Blue Reed, and Who Is Ultra Violet? for the water marble on the middle and ring fingers. Let me just say by the way, these color's worked AMAZINGLY for water marbling, and I just love how they looked together. For the remaining fingers, I used a dotting tool, the purple from the water marbling, and LA Colors Bliss for the flowers. This are super simple and fun, and I just love how they turned out for once! I can't wait to keep getting better at this technique, it just makes for some super fun nails. 

Be sure to check by Ashley's blog over at Polished by Audison to see what she does for water marble Wednesday. This girl is awesome at water marbles so you definitely won't be disappointed at all if you do!

Here's a direct link to Ashley's post :)
Water Marble Wednesday on Polish by Audison


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