Thursday, August 1, 2013

Orange and blue dot look!

Hi y'all! I finally have another post for you guys! I've been a little lacking on the posts lately, I've been doing a look and actually wearing it for nearly a week, and leaving my nails somewhat natural for a few days in between. GASP. Shocking for a nail blogger to do that, I know. But it's nice having a break from the challenges and just posting at my own pace right now. I'm thinking I'll be back in challenge mode by october though because I definitely want to find or host a good halloween challenge. Love halloween so much. 

Anyways, today I have this simple dotted look for you. I did this using mostly just the wet n wild pop art craze polishes. I used The Clock Strikes Orange for the base and Listening To Blue Reed, and Teal Slowly And See for the blues. I just dotted over randomly with both colors, and on the accent nail I used striping tape in a quilted pattern and just filled in some of the diamonds with the blues. I topped the whole thing with China Glaze Fairy dust and learned that one coat of that stuff is plenty. What you see here is two coats. Not my best idea. But I really like how these came out overall! I didn't think I would, when I do random dotting over the nail like this, it rarely comes out right, but this all came together nicely and I love it. I'm sad actually that it'll have to come off soon.
Let me know in the comments below what you think of this look!


  1. Cute polka dots! Love the colors :)

  2. Cute! I keep wanting to read The Clock Strikes Orange as Clockwork Orange. lmao

    1. Haha I do the same, and that was probably the point of the name anyways. And thank you!


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