Sunday, August 18, 2013

A little something special today!

First off, we're gonna talk about the fact that I've been running this little blog for over a year now, and I'm still sticking with it! I never thought that I would make it this long, and I definitely never thought that I would have over 100 followers on this blog, never mind the 400+ that I have on the facebook page. Really, you guys are amazing, I love all the comments I get and try to respond to all of them even if it's just a simple 'thank you'. (I've been slacking on that lately, I know. I'm gonna try to fix that.) 

 Something I did my whole life was bite my nails. I'm not even kidding, as long as I can remember, I've ALWAYS been a nail biter. Now, I wasn't as bad as some peoples I've seen. I didn't bite them down til there was pretty much no nail left or anything, I always stopped when it started to hurt, but the next day or two, I'd bite them all down again, as soon as there was a little growth there to bite off. And I really didn't have a reason for this other than boredom and having nothing to do with my hands. Every time I tried to stop it would last for about a week and then I'd have to start all over. Then I discovered that keeping nail polish on them kept me from biting them. That never last long though. I'd just pick all the nail polish off and be too lazy to paint them again. At least until about two years ago. 

I seen a few yourtube videos of nail art looks, and thought 'those look easy to do, and it's much more exciting than just a plain color on the nail' so I started playing around. I think the first thing I tried was zebra print and newspaper nails. Neither was very good on the first try but I was was so proud and so excited that I actually did it! So I started looking up more youtube videos, and I started buying more nail polish, and my addiction began. 

While I was looking up videos though I came across several blogs, some that I still look at today, some I've forgotten about, or remember but can't remember the name of to find them again. But seeing all the blogs and all the pretty pictures and that I wasn't the only one with this crazy obsession with nail polish and all things nail art made me want to do that too. Blogging looked like fun, so this blog was born. I love taking pictures of my nails and sharing, and I'm sure all of my friends on my personal facebook page were tired of seeing it. (well.. to bad for them if there are/were cause I still post pictures there too, HA!) 

This blog originally started as a nail art, AND sims blog, I needed a place to post my nail art, and I needed a place to post my sims pictures and stories from my game. Why not combine the two? So I did for a while. But eventually I changed the name of the blog to Rambles of a Polish Addict instead of Nail Art and Sims and decided against posting all of my sims stuff here as well. Only nail art from there on out. 

Now I really had wanted to do a giveaway for my one year blogging mark. But I never got around to it. And I also kind of forgot all about it, (It was august 6th, or 8th, I think.) a lot has been going on that I won't get into. But my nail art has kept me sane. It's nice. Something to do when my brain goes all crazy thinking about too much. I can just do my nails and make myself focus on JUST that and nothing else for a while. So trust me, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. One day I'll be able to do a giveaway, but for now, I hope you guys just enjoy all the nails on my blog. And well, I never thought I'd have as many followers as I do already, maybe by next year those numbers will have doubled! 

It's Bunday!! Special edition;

And now for the second part of this post. Bunday! But it's a very special edition of Bunday Sunday. Today has been exactly two years since my little Foofy came into my life. And she's been the best thing eeever. Seriously, I don't know how I got by without her before she came along. 

It was all such a random thing too how I got her. I woke up one morning and my mom was asking me if I wanted a rabbit. Which is very odd mind you because normally someone offers me their unwanted pets and my moms first response is 'no she doesn't want it' without even asking me because SHE doesn't want it. But my cousins little girl had gotten a rabbit given to her for her birthday in March, and they weren't really getting along well at the house with a rabbit, my cousins didn't like her, and no one else had time to care for her. So, they of course called me to see if I would take her. I was quick to say YES BRING HER TO ME. and well, it was another week or so before i got her but I got her! 

I've never really had a pet before that was ~mine. I'd had hamsters and mice growing up, but well.. they never hung around for long, and I could never get them to where they'd let me handle them at all either. We had a dog when I was younger, but he passed away when I was pretty young and he was always more my sisters dog than anything. The dog we have now.. Well, he was suppose to be mine, but he hates everyone except my mom so anyone else moves and he attacks. So I definitely didn't know what to expect with a bunny coming along. 

But it was easy enough, food, clean cage, plenty of time out. At first she only got to come out of her cage a little bit to get use to everything, and only in my room. I'd let her out for an hour or two while I was in there with her and then lock her back up in her cage, and then let her out again before I went to bed for a little while. Then I started letting her out to roam the whole house and well... she was quick to claim he spots of the house, and let us all know that she's the boss. She was my little buddy, she still is. Most of the time anyways. She has her bratty moments but most the time she a pretty good rabbit. She likes my dad better than me though, haha. If he's home, she forgets all about me unless it's dinner time. 

She's a spoiled little brat when it comes to eating too. She thinks she must always have Kale, cilantro, corn, and banana. Anything else is optional, but she likes too. She has a bowl of snacks on the coffee table with dried fruits (raisins, mango, pineapple, apple, coconut, etc) pellets, and peanuts. And she knows it's there. If you sit on the couch she's at your feet and she wants that bowl. If you don't give it to her, you get a warning nudge before she nips or bites to let you know shes there and wants her snacks. 
This I got just for my Foofster about a month ago. Well, more like about a month and half ago. This picture was taken the next morning after it was done, you can still see a little redness and that it needs to be cleaned off better because I had gottne home late after getting it and went straight to bed basically. But this would obviously show you just how much I'm attached to that little bratty rabbit. And I really can't believe I've already had her for two years. Crazy! 

And okay, I'm gonna stop now, this got much longer than I expected it too. But I hope y'all enjoyed my rambling ways!

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