Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pointed French Tip With Polka Dotted nails!

Hi y'all! I know I'm lacking in posts right now still. I try to get one up at least once a week though, so I'm not disappearing for too much! I'm not scheduling posts right now though, I'm just doing them as I have something to post. Which also means, I might disappear after this week for a bit. I'm wanting to do a little Halloween/horror series for October and I want to fill as many days of the month as I can, so I want to get a little bit of a head start, starting now, and schedule it all up. I'll still be on the facebook page, maybe even posting previews, but the blog posts will probably be lacking until October. We'll see what happens though. I'll have one more post for you soon though, it'll be a special non NPR post though.

Anyways! Today I have for you this fun and bright look! I loooove this look so much and I'm so not excited about when it starts to chip cause I never ever want to take it off. 

Things used:
Sinful Colors - Innocent (Green)
Wet 'N' Wild Wild Shine - Teal Slowly and Fall (Blue)
Wet 'N' Wild Wild Shine - A Blank Canvas (White)
LA Colors - Pink Bubbles (Pink)
Dotting tools!

This was super simple and fun to do, I just started with my base colors, then I free handed diagonal tips in each of the colors over the pink nails, used a dotting tool and the Pink, Blue, and Green to create random dots, both large and small, over the nail. It should be easy for you to all recreate if you'd like! 

What did you think of this look? Would you wear it?


  1. Cute manicure! Love how colorful it is :)

  2. Its simple but unique


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