Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bloody Battered Nails

Hi y'all! It's getting much closer to Halloween now and I'm sooo excited but bummed at the same time that it's almost all over with. But I have some more gross nail art for you today. Which were suppose to be zombie nails, but I'm not quite sure you could call them that exactly. 

So, instead, we'll call them gross bruised, bloody, battered nails. These are meant to look like there's bleeding and bruising under the nails. Like they're rotting, or they've been seriously abused fingers, haha. and I loooove the way that they've came out. 

I used: 
Wet n Wild - 2% milk 
NYC New York Color - Black Lace 
NYC New York Color - Matte Me Crazy Matte Top Coat 
LA Colors - Bliss
LA Colors - Cactus
LA Colors - Festive 
LA Colors - Whipped
Hello Kitty - Minty

Plus various acrylic paints. 

I started with a base of two coats of Whipped. Then I asdded Cactus in half moon shapes. They don't need to be perfect though. Bruising and blood wouldn't show up in a perfect shape. Then I mixed some red acrylic paint with a tiny bit of black and i just painted that on with a brush randomly. Then I sponged on Minty and Bliss randomly over the nail. I think put two coats of 2% milk over that. I wanted it to look like it was all under the nail so a sheer nude is what I was looking for. After that I used that same red paint mix, watered it down, and splattered it over the nails. I then matted the nails with Matte Me Crazy and then used the bottle brush from Festive to add blood to the tips, leaving it shiney to give that fresh blood effect. 

I really love how this came out and I hope you all enjoy them too! 
What do you think of these nails? Let me know in the comments below!

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