Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sugar Skull Inspired nail art!

Hi y'all! So I'm kind of in love with these nails. No really. I hated taking them off. 
And I'm hoping my picture's have improved a little as I figured out more camera settings and played while doing these to get the best indoor light shots that I could. I hate walking all the way out to the backyard from my room just to take picture's outside in good light. Plus sometimes at night I want to do them and I'm like 'But I can't.. I can't take pictures til tomorrow when there's sun and what if I mess them up before?' so hopefully problem solved. Hopefully. 

Now anyways, these were suppose to be Day Of The Dead/Sugar Skull nails but I'm not sure they turned out quite that, or that you could really call them just that. So we're going to say they're inspired by those things, okay? Okay. I just love the sugar skull look so much. They're so bright and colorful. 

I did these using Wet N Wild A Blank Canvas for the white base color on the pinky and ring fingers. Then I made a french tip with scotch tape and Sinful Colors Rich In Heart on all the other nails. The rest of the detailed were done using acrylic paint and were REALLY easy to achieve.

What do you think of these nails? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Really like the sugar skull nail, its great!

  2. I love how you did the skull's jaw, it looks fantastic!


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